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All the new things!

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 15:13 -- Matt

A new season! New knowledge, new projects, a new member to the roasting team and several new baristas; and, oh my gosh, a new WEBSITE!

So here we are, in our spiffy new digital suit.  The journey here was surely challenging, and perhaps at times even arduous, but well worth the hurdles we tripped over and the time spent.  I think it's safe to say we all learned something on the way here, whether it be about the mechanics of website-building, or photography, or how maddeningly complicated it is to maneuver through the arena of credit card payments.  Perhaps most importantly, I think this also served us a reminder of how integral it is to maintain regular and open communication with your comrades.  Work becomes much more productive and enjoyable when there is verbal exchange of ideas followed by some degree of consensus; we have to allow the concept of the "same page" an opportunity to exist before we can start moving forward.   

Hallelujah, welcome to our new website!  

Some more exciting news here at UG, with elaboration to follow:

-Over the summer we teamed up with Bobo's coffee on a project to roast some excellent coffee from the Bugisu region of Uganda; proceeds are being donated to the Malayaka House orphanage in Uganda.

-We have some very specials coffees in the pipeline; specifically available right now is a Gesha from Finca Potosi in Colombia.  It is a frightfully wonderful coffee.  Coming up: Jamaica Blue Mountain, El Salvador honey process, and some estate Kenya a bit further out.

-I just recently returned from middle-of-nowhere Massachusetts, where I was putting the finishing touches on a certifcation from the Roasters' Guild.  So rest assured, after more than 10 years of roasting/brewing/buying/variously slingin' coffee, I'll have some tangible professional cred to back up the jive. 

That's all for now, folks.  I hope you enjoy our new digs, watch out for more soon.