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Berry season

Summer is here, in full swing!

And we have a new staff favorite, celebrating one of the best parts of summer: blueberries! 

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Small Changes

Some may have noticed that our staggering piles of coffee bags have otherwise disappeared from the shop floor. They were moved offsite for a time, and shall soon be returning. Volume dictates that we will have to keep these bags in one of the alcoves. This means, sadly, that we will briefly lose a few seats. Fear not! We'll be making big changes over the next few weeks!

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What's in a name?

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The beach in October.

Island coffee lovers rejoice; we've got some real-deal Jamaica Blue Mountain back in the house!  Processed by the famed Mavis Bank, an exceptional coffee to indulge in as the air turns crisp and blustery here in Vermont.  Delicately sweet and distinguished, with a soft and comforting personality, this coffee wants to hug you.  It won't last long.

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All the new things!

A new season! New knowledge, new projects, a new member to the roasting team and several new baristas; and, oh my gosh, a new WEBSITE!

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