About Us

We are a family-owned business. We’ve been serving specialty coffees, teas, and fresh baked goods to Burlington since 1994. For over 20 years, we have been sourcing and roasting the best coffee we can find from around the globe. We are dedicated to finding the highest quality and most responsibly grown beans available. Everything we serve is roasted in our Probat L12 roaster, located right in the front of the store!

We are proud to be located in the heart of downtown Burlington, a small but wonderful community that supports small businesses and loves great coffee! We aim to support our community as much as possible by buying locally made baked goods, milk, and other products.

Being a responsible member of the local community, and the coffee community is a high priority to us. We support some local and global organizations that are reaching out to those in need. The Burlington Emergency Shelter (https://anewplacevt.org/) provides resources to a large number of the local community in need. We also support the Malayaka House in Uganda (https://malayakahouse.com/), as well as Food 4 Farmers, a program working with coffee growers in Latin America to eliminate food insecurity (http://food4farmers.org/).


From June 20, 2021, www.ugvermont.com has become a website providing information about coffee gear and equipment and sharing all coffee-related knowledge. We always strive to give reliable advice and update the most honest reviews of products by leading experts in the field of coffee today.